The hardest part is to Start.

The hardest part is starting. Once we get that out of the way, we’ll find the rest of the journey much easier.

— Simon Sinek.

This is the first post on The MBM blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for much more and don’t judge because this is a new start for me too, and I am still learning. Subscribe below to get notified about the new posts. #TheMBM

The path to starting is always scary, sometimes it can hold you for so long from taking the steps that you forget where you dreamed to go in the first place. However, the ones that never stop thinking eventually take the first step and go through all the fear and the unknown of what is going to happen next. And if you are still constantly thinking about how to take the first step let the MBM help you with introducing two stories of people who decided to take the first step and fight the stress and fear of achieving their dream!

  • Mark Cuban.

Before Mark was known as a famous (Shark) investor he was just starting out in the business world. A recently graduated student from Indiana University. Right after the graduation Cuban started working at Mellon Bank in an entry-level position. However, as for everyone who is not afraid to dream big, this was not enough for Mark. The entrepreneurial spirit and desire for success pushed Cuban forward, he wished to prove his worth. Fear, stress and the idea of failure did not stop Mark Cuban. He knew what he wanted and took the initiative to his own hands.

“I used to send notes to the CEO of the bank. I once cut out a magazine story about how corporations could save money by withholding Social Security and sent it to him. He sent me a thank-you letter back.”

— Mark Cuban.

As in every story this was not the end for Mark Cuban. This was the Mark Cuban’s beginning and it shows how sometimes you need to find the courage and do the craziest things that no one else would. That is how you start, even if you are afraid to fail. It is 100 times better to do something and fail, then not do it at all and think about what could have happened.

  • Morgan Freeman.

The story of Morgan Freeman is extraordinary, Freeman only achieved his dream at the age of 50! And proved that everything is possible just don’t give up. Morgan Freeman was raised in a low income family. Right after finishing high school Morgan joined the Air Force to become a fighter pilot. Young Morgan Freeman spend four years in the army and after Freeman finally decided that it is time to start pursuing his dream in acting. Morgan found the courage to pursue his desire, he decided to moved to Los Angeles where he took his acting lessons. Morgan tried many times to find an acting role, but he was rejected or only landed roles that brought small income. Freeman moved to New York when his career did not work out in Los Angeles. However, it still was a disaster, Morgan was afraid and stressed, the constant rejection made him think about giving up on his dream.

“At one point, I was very broke living on the streets, eating stale donuts. When you are put out of someplace and you’re on the street, how you gonna pay the rent? I didn’t get any work, so I thought I had better start thinking of better ways to make a living.”

— Morgan Freeman

Morgan worked as a clerk typist to pay his rent, he found temporary jobs. Everything started with his decision to reach his dream and leave the army. However, Morgan Freeman never gave up, always tried to find an acting role and after all the struggle and hardships at the age of sixty-seven Morgan Freeman won an Oscar. Now he is one of the greatest actors that exist. Sometimes the journey will ask you to sacrifice a lot to reach your dream.

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