All about the MBM.

The Mind by Mantas better known as The MBM is a place for everyone trying to find support, guidance and peace of mind. It is one place where you can find everything related to personal development and stress management. The two things that the author of this blog is passionate about. The MBM was designed following an idea that personal growth is closely related with stress and that stress can either stop you from growing or it can push you to reach your dreams.

Life is a long journey for everyone to become the best version of themselves. Life will be stressful and hard and that is why for everyone taking the journey author have to say:

“Learn, and be prepared to stress and fail. It is true that not everyone will recover, some will give up, but that one percent who never gave up will thrive.”

— Mantas Kalade

The MBM is here to support this journey by writing about personal development & stress management stories, strategies and everything relevant! Be the force that moves others.
#The MBM.